Doctor Mike Tries KETO for 30 DAYS

[ Music] it’s Quito epoch Kido Kido Kido I challenged you to get my Kido video to 20,000 likes and you outran that goal plenty and I’m actually so excited about this i’m regrettably fresh out of a breakup so i’m more motivated than ever to change my lifestyle around be healthier examination better i just wanted to make you guys along for that outing my one month of keto starts now[ Music][ Music] merely do it actually before we start we have to give a huge thank you to our patronize flourish marketplace we are really sent all the food that you ensure at the very beginning of this video which will help sustain me while I’m undergoing this crazy keto journey of mine thrive marketplace is a website that does healthy living easy and economical their premiums are twenty five to fifty percent off retail and the best part is you can organize their list based on the diet that you’re following so when I’m doing keto I can really sounds keto and I’ll give me all the products if you’re a vegan you can simply click vegan and you get all your commodities if you’re brand-new to thrive market they’re giving a special offer if you sounds the link below in my description you’re gonna get 25% off your first guild and you’re gonna get a free 30 -day trial thanks flourish sell all right I’m gonna have my very first keto meal it’s the middle of the working day I didn’t have breakfast I guess you could say I’m intermittent fasting today as well this is my meal now beef chili with all Aqsa cheese Oh ox cot and cauliflower rice to my surprise the first few days of keto weren’t that bad I was absolutely expecting that I would go with keto flu manifestations right off the bat it wasn’t that bad I didn’t have carbohydrate withdrawal I wanna at the gym right now my first heavy workout while on keto and I gotta admit I’m incredibly tired and I got a good night’s sleep so it’s not because of that I suspect that it’s probably because I haven’t had carbs important or at least not enough to draw me replenish my glycogen collects the load bided to say my forte was there but I fatigued much more quickly in my makes can’t even be certain it’s too due to the keto diet but that’s what was happening alright my worker really shot a shot perhaps plunge my phone this person right here wannabe basketball player alright today’s my first day of our do with keto on board and I gotta declare I’m feeling very tired I just be both of these people though I was able to keep up with them and my Sprint’s were penalty and my competition was fine but I noticed that after video games or two when I would be somewhat out of breath I was totally burned I was really tired much more than usual again not certain that it’s a hundred percent of the keto diet but I do doubt keto is playing a role in might weaken staman in my exercise lisas gobbling a healthful salad high with some croutons in there yeah I’m eating cat menu it’s not menu it’s right there that’s called the keto struggle going into the second week of keto I was starting to struggle a lot with my menu options when I go to work and I’m gonna be working a long shift I can’t bringing all of these goodies and avocado and all this material so what did I do I imparted a thrive marketplace can of salmon with some mayonnaise and I mostly ate cat meat ingesting a nutrition that’s so high-pitched in solid I necessitate 75% of my calories were coming from fat it’s difficult to maintain that and I don’t plan well for example if I’m going to a big event I should probably gobble before him that’s the Sebastian Maniscalco concert Aikido struggle is real cuz this guy is eating a full hot dog and I got a sufferer right now with this you have to plan ahead if you want to stick taquito because when you go to a fast food joint or a diner yes they may have a piece of meat but snacking high-pitched protein is not Kido you have to be eating high fat so you have to be thinking about what it is you’re gonna choose off the menu and you can get a cheeseburger that’s very fatty has sauce on it that hopefully is carb free that’s not optimal keto that’s like the grime keto that people talk about you’re eating high-pitched saturated flabs overcooked red meats expending handled petroleums and that’s not something I generally recommend or demand for myself two weeks in I previously had some causes presenting my clothes are fitting better my abs were coming out of hibernation like one of them legit came out and said what up and I was like oh my god look it’s my app I used to see you back in the day and then you started hibernating it did surprise me that after 2 weeks of keto I was already starting to see results and now I get why this nutrition is so favourite amongst people who are trying to lose weight quickly and not that I’m advocating for that but it was nice to see upshots so early on and relatively motivational I will say though the majority of the weight loss that happens in the first week or so is usually water value that’s not gonna be sustainable that race of weight loss I definitely sounds like on Kido I wake up really hungry ordinarily I don’t mind hop-skip breakfast but I’m Kido I’m starving it’s probably cuz I’m eating so much less calories than normal getting into the later weeks of Kido I was getting hungry that doesn’t mean I wasn’t satiated I entail feeing a lot of paunches you get full rapidly you’re no longer hungry when I say hungry I imply is lusts bananas cookies and cream milkshakes and then I even noticed a decoration where I was hungry simply cuz I was endured I had a high fatty banquet I had some sardines with guacamole I’m full now what a munch on something I time want to eat some microchips so I recognized I like to digested snack and on teto you really can’t accepted dine unless you time feed nuts all did but how much I don’t understand how many almonds you can eat in one day before you up i think i broke ido i mean not technically i had various sucks last light that technically does your keto they were not sugary drinkings I merely had soda and alcohol but that does technically take you out of ketosis at least for a short while so you probably belief I’m a flop glance we all determine mistakes and two steps forward with one step back is still one step forward that’s something that I require you to remember and take away from my keto pilgrimage if you mess up it’s not the end of the world it doesn’t mean that you’re a default yes I had a few drinks and it made me out of ketosis for a little bit because your body actually metabolizes the booze and uses that as exertion instead of solids but it’s fine as soon as I stop imbibing the alcohol the next day I was probably back in ketosis and everything was back on track so did it slow down my progress probably moderately but it was at the end of the world if I considered it like it was the end of the world that would hurt my progress because that would D cause me and cause me to succession some cookies and ointment milkshakes and we know we can’t do that on keto I had a renewed determination to continue and finish my Kido journey even at the plaza 1 month of Kyoto’s in the books I fixed it I eat 75% of my calories from solid 20% from protein 5% from carbs I stuck to this bad boy well let’s talk epitome let’s talk about what happened first and foremost body I started this diet at 208 pounds I terminated I weighed in this morning at 202 pounds so that’s a six pound weight loss in four weeks sounds pretty appropriate about a pound and a half per week my abs are showing a little bit more which comes me really excited for summer now when it comes to my sentiment I don’t definitely feel any great difference that climbs out but I do notice that I don’t sounds as much especially in the midday segment let’s talk recommendations you need to have small-minded dinners and snacks at the ready I trusted thrive grocery and they did not disappoint you recollect in the opening of the video all those things on the table they’re gone because I chew pretty much everything not only was it luscious it’s totally economical again there’s that connection down below in my description you’re gonna get 25% off your require and a free 30 -day trial I certainly recommend you sign up save some fund devour healthful rightfully really be smart and goes ahead[ Music] for the average healthy person going on a short course of keto will help them lose some weight and it was likely won’t be detrimental to their health if you’re gonna start a new diet any diet for that matter go see your doctor and have that dialogue figure out what are the benefits vers harms in order to be allowed to become “the worlds largest” acquainted decision possible is progressing I hope you guys experienced me trying out keto if you want me to continue trying out quirky things diets whatever chop it down below in the comments and smash that like button and if you tried keto and you had an experience of your own too jump into the comment section as you know I’m very active down there and if you want to see more about my take on nutritions please click here for my playlist and as always abide joyful and healthy[ Music]


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