Salamoalaikum, How are you I hope everyone is fine? I am very excited for today’s video because I believe we all at some object of our lives, think of loosing force And releasing force is one of the most difficult things of the world. Because. When we gain weight, we actually don’t feel it, but when we lose weight we have to threw so much effort into it. And this always happens to me Whenever I want to start a diet either something luscious is cooked at home or someone transports us savory meat And then I always reflect tells start from tomorrow, but regrettably this tomorrow never comes so.

This time I mulled I have gained weight because of eating, so why not liberate weight with food.so? Why not try a heavines, loss, tea or weight loss? People who follow different foods must be familiar with the versatile vickey channel. She has shared so many nutritions, schemes and beings “ve lost” 15 kg in 15 periods or 5 kg in five days.

She has also shared heavines, loss, tea and sips on her channel. So I decided why not give it a try. I personally don’t recommend these diet intentions which loose weight so quickly. I think they are not good for health, so I didn’t choice any nutrition hope bacause. I know they are too difficult for me to follow.

So I observed a video on her canal about width, zero liquor. It seemed interesting, so I decided to give it a try. She claims that by having this imbibe and following a healthy diet, you can lose 10 to 15 kg in 15 periods. I will add the link of her video in the description box. Please watch full video if you want to give this imbibe a try, so lets see how to make this drink.


I have made one cup sliced fresh, pineapple She supplemented two mini cucumbers, but I am computing half cucumber because we have sizable English cucumbers, 1 inch, ginger and 700 ml irrigate and we will squeeze lemon in the end. Add all these parts except lemon and fusion them well, don’t rind, cucumber off implement it with scalp We expended 700 ml of water after coalescing everything “its almost” 1000 ml. I will drink 500 ml in the morning before breakfast and will keep the rest of 500 ml in the refrigerator. For the night, I won’t fix fresh in the evening will exactly supplement some fresh lemon liquid before imbibing Now what this sip does is when you imbibe 500 ml at a time it will prepare you full and will supress your desire, especially you have to take glowing dinner so that you can drink it before berthed. And don’t damage the drink you have to grind or gulp these ginger and pineapple chunks.

Now I will tell you how this suck tastes.well? There is neither salt in it nor sugar, so you can imagine how the appetite would be. You can savour a strong taste of ginger in it, so if you like ginger than its ok But if you don’t, like the strong smack of ginger then shut your eyes and gulp this drink in one extend so that you don’t flavor much. I had squandered this alcohol for 6 eras and I likewise have impeded a record of everything I ate in these six days.

So, that I can give you a title to review, as I told you earlier, that I cannot follow any strict nutrition programmes, because either I become too hungry or my vigour levels drop, and I cannot keep up with the diet schedule. So all what I did was I insured my parcel immensity. like I used to eat one roti instead of two On the first day, empty-bellied stomach, I weighed myself so that I can see how much “i m losing” in a few weeks. So I weighed myself firstly to see where I started from so its day. One and you can see that my value is 66, 6.

I weigh myself before breakfast and daily. I will weigh myself before breakfast so its day. One For breakfast, I had one egg omlette and a slice of bread.I had made white bread and impelled omlette with salt and pepper. Nothing fancy just the road we usually meet our breakfasts at home.


I had a cup of tea along this breakfast.I, always like to represent black tea with milk. I contributed one and half tea spoonful sugar, And few tablespoons of milk.i did not discontinue sugar. These days for lunch, I had one chicken tortilla wrap with plenty sauce and computed lots of salad to make it filling.

In the night I was super hungry and I had half a slice of eat with very little Nutella For dinner. I had 4 to 5 tablespoons of chicken proposal or rice with kebab. Kebab was very small And had the drink before bunked date 2. Early morning, when I weighed myself, I had lost one point: My weight was 66,5. I was very happy because, as “youre seeing”, I did not have any diet food for breakfast.

I had a drink first thing in the morning. After one hour I had chicken pulao with kebab and yogurt sauce Chicken play with kebab is my favorite menu, so I decided to have it early morning instead of eating it in the night, since I had a ponderous breakfast in the morning, so I had chickpea salad with yoghurt for lunch and guess what happend in the evening.my sister send Me a container full of haleem [, cooked lentils and beef, stew,] and naan bread and a box full of sugareds, and this always happens to me. Whenever I decides to released load either person sends us good food or someone cooks, luscious food at home, and I cannot balk. I could not stand and I considered if I get hungry at night, I would do it all up.

So I had a few tablespoons of halves with half naan bread. I had dinner at around seven and had the drink before bed Day 3. I was genuinely looking forward to weigh myself because I had dined so much and I was so happy to see that I had lost four degrees. My weight was 66.0.

nd, you are familiar with, when you start getting good results, you really get caused. So on era three I had this potion. After one hour, I had two bananas For breakfast. I had a slice of dough with cheese and omlette And too had a gulab jamun with breakfast because. I had insured myself at night and did not open the sugareds box.

For lunch, I had the same tortilla wrap as register earlier with lots of salad and had another gulab jaman [, fried milk clods dipped in carbohydrate syrup] for dinner. I thought I had too much sugar during the day, so I only munch a few tablespoons of haleem And before going to bed, I had that drinking Day 4. When I weighed myself, I had again lost a point and my force was 65.9 I had a drink in the morning and after 1 hour I had a slice of bread with one egg for lunch. I had evaporated rice with curry.

or dinner. I had the same food.and, a small slice of husk[ milk slice .]. And had the drink before bed.

Since we had planned to stir biryani for lunch, so I decided to have a light: breakfast 0. 09. 43.917, 1193. 02.

47. 295 Day 5. I lost another point. My weight was 65.8.

So after one hour of having the drink, I had half a slice of food with boiled potatoes and a cup of tea. For lunch I had biryani, I had half a sheet of biryani for dinner. I impelled French toast for my boys, but I can’t withstand so. I had half a slice of French toast And late nighttime. I had this glas again Day 6.

My weight was 65.7 One hour after the drink, I had a slice of food with one egg For lunch, I had chicken and included some cauliflower and carrot and made a stir, fry and contributed ketchup and spices to make it good. I did not take any rice or bread with it. In the night I was super hungry, so I made an orange banana smoothie and had half a glass of it For dinner. I have the same stir fry, which I had for lunch.

I shaped noodles for girls, so had two tablespoons of noodles as well and before berthed I had the immensity zero boozing seventh period I was super evoked because I had to see the final result. My weight was 6.4, I started from 66.6 And “youre seeing”. I should not follow any strict nutrition with it.

I merely ascertained component length. I lost Almost 1 kg in one week. You might have been thinking if I had started releasing heavines. Why didn’t I continue. Well?

I could not find pineapples after that, so I had to stop. Otherwise. I would have done 15 daytime challenge to give you a full review. But. Then I thought to share one week evaluate so that you can have an idea how effective this cup is.


I think if you follow a good food programme along with this drink, it would be very effective And this beverage does not taste bad. You can imbibe it easily, specifically. If you are getting good results with it, then drinking itis , no problem all the ingredients. Added to this drink have amazing. Heallth advantages like pineapple increases fat in the body cucumber has a cooling effect.

You can find all these health benefits in the internet. Ginger is very good in reducing body pain and seam hurtings. And since you have to drink a large quantity of this guzzle, Your hunger is automatically suppressed.so. Those people who cannot follow very strict diet schedules can give this drink a try but hold your portion and eat healthy, just watch what you eat and give it a try.

I hope you get good results. This was it for today,. For more interesting videos keep watching easylife asanyindagi

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