Is Keto Diet Safe for Kids?

when it comes to diets it’s hard to find one hotter right now than the ketogenic food your mom your cousin your friend everyone seems to be doing keto but it’s now so popular that some mothers are even putting their minors on the contentious eating mean should kid keto even be a thing pediatrician dr. Daphne Ahdoot affiliates us doc thanks so much better for being now I want to ask you from your perspective as a pediatrician what your thoughts are on boys diets and in this case keto in general with the keto diet what happens is that you’re eliminating completely an entire food groups you’re eliminating carbs are just really understating it to a very low amount and kids need sixty five percent of their calories basically comes from carbohydrates and the brain needs sugar to thrive our forms need sugar to be physically active and extremely minors so if we’re eliminating that we’re kind of putting these girls at risk for nutrient insufficiencies vitamin absences fiber scarcity constipation so I’m really not into keto diet for adolescents but I do agree that we need to reduce the amount of carbs peculiarly undesirable carbs and kids diet in general I do want to bring into the conversation and affiliate us via Skype to debate this topic internal medicine physician dr.John lemansky he likewise goes by dr. akido online so dr. Lewinsky I want to ask you your thoughts on this obviously you’re a proponent of the the ketogenic food but with children certainly so many other issues at frolic what are your thoughts on this a ketogenic nutrition can be one implement that we as physicians used to improve the health of our patients as an internal medicine doctor I plainly treat adults and we’ve had huge success with it but you did mention that there are pediatric patients who are starting to really have adult maladies things like hypertension diabetes insulin opposition you know fatty liver disease and in those children it might be something to consider using I’ll frankly admit that I think a ketogenic nutrition can be a short-term acces to especially for people who are dealing with major medical issues to lose weight there’s no doubt about that I unequivocally have concerns with long-term ketogenic nutrition and I likewise worry that some people don’t know the right way to do it because you can be on a ketogenic diet and eat all the wrong nutrients and I think you know hey I eat bacon at every single meal I’m on the ketogenic food and you are familiar with avocados are also on the ketogenic diet guess which one I would prefer you eat right so so there’s a lot of fluster out there but I want to talk about adolescents because with girls do you worry about creating this relationship with menu where they might look at a piece of whole-grain bread and say that is terrible for you and I’m am telling you I remember making a sandwich on entire particle meat with with almond butter can be a great snack for adults and kids so how do you how do you agree that where you’re gonna say literally no no no don’t chew that that’s bad when I humbly think it’s good yeah no I agree with you you know most of the studies that look at children who have been on a ketogenic food don’t make love indefinitely this is not something that we’re considering putting them on for the rest of their lives like maybe some adults would do it’s a six-month 12 -month process to really reverse some of these infections that if we don’t treat aggressively at that senility we’ll start understanding diseases and children that we see in adults which is what’s happening and so I envision for a short time if you really are struggling with those children who cannot constitute that switch over and even if you’re limiting the processed foods they’re still not improving it could be something to consider you know again I consider adult patients my children are more of a low-grade carb variety and there’s ways and means to do more of a low-spirited carb route of gobbling still maintaining good healthy carbohydrates but just maybe avoiding some of the highest glycemic ones so attaining small changes you


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