Ketogenic Diet Stops Seizures For Mayo Clinic Pediatric Epilepsy Patient

– almost two years ago in September 22 nd 2007 Max and I were going to the farmers sell and here in Albert Lee and he’s one of his favorite things to do we’re in the garage if he started having a tonic-clonic seizure in the garage just out of the blue one before it happened he was not listening well and various kinds of unfocused and I he time wasn’t like himself and now in the hindsight I know what that was leading up to it he have yeah when he has a firstly convulsion I was truly thrown off because I thought he had slipped and precipitated I bumped his head when he was getting into our vehicle and so I was kind of confused at first thinking that he dropped in moved his head and that started him to kind of convulse because I know what convulsions are and but then I realized as I was hampering my in my weapons and he almost appeared like he was choking and then I knew he was having a seizure and I think it maybe lasted 30 seconds to a instant I wasn’t really period it but I just tell them until it stopped and then he kind of led stumble in my appendage so I knew he was having a seizure and I time remember crying thinking you know come back to me because I he did he was breathing so delicately I knew he was breathing but he was you know he was just kind of lifeless and Limp in my forearms for a while as he you know as he was needing that rest kind of reboot his psyche after it happened so I knew it was a seizure but I didn’t understand why I didn’t know if it was from bumming his head and now we know that there was you know that he has a rare type of epilepsy that happens to show up between the ages of 2& 5 and he was 2 and a half so you are familiar with but in heights you are familiar with at the time you know and he had that one and then for “two weeks ” he was fine again so I just forgot somebody got worse very quickly when max started having convulsions we immediately went to the Mayo Clinic for medication and we’re having trouble getting to where we needed to be with the claim medications and everything we did vanish get a second opinion up in the Twin Cities from a well-known doctor who who told us that that max would basically become mentally incompetent from his seizures and there was really not much we could do other than situate him on some strong medicines and and so we were pretty destroyed when when he told us that new as we the next day we went back to me and met with the doctors again they checked him into to the hospital and did more tests and they truly is not in accordance with what that physician had told us and from there on we we are beginning on the ketogenic food with the diet is a high fatty food high solid gist high solid in butters and lubricants of avocado and bacon and you know the kind of overweight that you don’t normally eat a large mock up in your food so but it’s high solid moderate protein so it yields the child enough vigor and fortitude to grow and the proteins that may be required but too moderate fairly that it’s not the rain needs to break all that down and for some reason the carbs so the diet is extremely low in carbs so the protein and carbs are harder to break down and the overweight is what’s helping mend the intelligence and it it’s involved it’s a extremely involved diet but it’s very worth it because it’s what’s imparted our boy back to us everything that he eats his heavines on a magnificent flake so if he for breakfast for example he would have about 22 grams of bacon which is about two divests of bacon about 14 grams of butter so a little more than a tablespoon and about 19 grams of canola petroleum that we mix in with liquor and I want to say juice I symbolize like flavored liquid or you know things that are free of carbohydrates because the carbohydrates are not free at all minutes and the carbohydrates that he does get our result vegetables a small amount of cereal every now and then as a plow like his favorite “wouldve been” strawberries so with that snack for breakfast he would have about two probably about two strawberries with his deprives of bacon and his petroleum and his butter and we frequently draw the butter mixed we mix it with like a sweetener in some chocolate to make it kind of look like chocolate sweet or drawing it into a candy in the freezer so it’s hard like a candy but it obviously “re not in your” typical candy or chocolate pudding nine months ago max was to the point where he’s having several hundreds of seizures a period he couldn’t amble talk couldn’t even snack his food we were trying that we were basically sacrificing him a liquid diet still trying to keep him on the ketogenic food and it gotten a level where “peoples lives” really wasn’t what we had always dreamed it would be in you know what he you know wanted to be but what what we did is we had kind of moved what was happening with his prescriptions and talked to his doctor about taking him off his drug because we really felt that that was causing convulsions we had tried six different remedies and what happens as more medications you try the lower the hazards are that brand-new medication on work it’s somewhere 10 to 15 percent luck that that new realise periodic operate so we really felt that from other people’s experiences that that was the thing that we needed to do so our doctor to work with us on that he would tell dr.Worrell these suggestions and these ideas and this happened you are familiar with she would she listened and she said let’s let’s try it you are familiar with and we would say you know we can’t go through life knowing that you know we didn’t take the medicine away and see if the diet can truly heal Matt’s and help him and she said let’s try it and we had a plan if that didn’t work and it directed I symbolize it was like the best thing they ever dad it was a miracle I convey it literally was a miracle max was not able to walk he couldn’t walk he couldn’t talk he couldn’t even grind his food last-place November he lost his ability to function and you know having your child he he was two and a half talking tedward sentences and laugh and smile and flow and play and all of a sudden start losing those skills and be able to lay on the couch and salivate and just gathering was destroying and we just said we can’t go on and and when that was happening we were in the process of weaning medicine which dr.Roe was under you know under her counseling and it was really hard to tell because he was having so many seizures was his body going through withdrawal from drug or was the medication a perpetrator and in his example the working day we took the last pill away literally at the working day as we call dr. macrocosm we said you know what it’s not getting better it’s we need to do something how can we get off them at this prescription really quickly and we went through that process with her and overall week’s time how to get rid of the last few pills we did it judgement day literally November 24 they’ll never forget that day he took his last-place fellow member 24 th and that day he started to walking in and it was difficult I represent he could tell he was in pain his muscles were hurting I review but and he started talking and that night I started to talk only the best thing I’ve ever heard in you know a doctor will believe that doctor wirless she was always open she almost lets us kind of guide the title care for max because we did a lot of research ourselves and you know she kind of would listen to us and that’s what we really really liked about dr.Worrell is that because she she truly I signify I know if she believes that max has been get better and she believes in what we have to say about and are in his upon his treatment program and so that was what would be nice is we would say you know we really wouldn’t feel comfy trying that medication you know can we change some things with the diet and she said yes I entail she would always is largely ready she ever had I think her opinion about what we should do and a lot of experiences we were on the same page and there were days we weren’t and surely but she didn’t you know magnetisms to do things that we were comfortable for our child so that was one thing that we really liked about her is that personality is she’s a unusually attending party she’s very sincere she only you you are eligible to simply approximately feel that charity coming from her as you’re sitting in her power and I’m getting with her and not only with max with our younger son Charlie too I was expecting at the time and he’ll she ever would like to know how I was and couldn’t wait to meet the new newborn and you know if we didn’t accompanying him to an appointment you know she just made us feel really like part of the the male clas I don’t know

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