Low carb for doctors: Side effects and how to handle them

The number of side effects I see isfar fewer than you might expect. And I think that’s because I don’t tell patients how low-carb to go. I give them the information andlet them interpret how they want to do it. So I is presumed that necessitates the patients make more responsibility for what then happens and perhaps they do it more gradually, I don’t know. But let’s go through the sort of thingsthat cases might expect and you might expect to have to help them through. In the first week or so especially people who were previouslyon a great deal of carbohydrate for example, they may find that tiredness is a problem and they might be surprised by how much they miss the carbohydrate, so I’ve had people who didn’t think they were sugar addicts and discover that they are.And then they are quite depleted, relatively tired … So maybe it’s not a good ideato start low-carb on a Monday morning if you got a difficult job. As part of that sometimes I’ve heard it announced “carb flu” when people feel a bit headachyand weary all of the same time. I’ve actually found that it doesn’t go onfor very many daylights and usually clears up quite quickly. Sometimes this is associated in with muscle cramps. Actually tell people about muscle crampsparticularly those who are a bit stylish, because it can affect their accomplishment and they care about that. With the working group I said about thatactually some additional salt in the food can be very helpful. And I find it personallyhelpful myself. Constipation for some peopleis a problem and we often would say, “If you do become constipatedwhat’s the particular way that you tend to solvethis problem for yourself? ” So that we’ve checked in advance how they might do it.A little tip-off, there might be milled linseedadded to plain yogurt is a really quick way to sort that. But you know most of patients get to be chewing far more lettuce veg on this diet so that actually constipation is somethingthat’s pretty easily sorted out. I had one patient who said she couldn’t converge are you all right and that affected her at work. But that was only one in four and a half yearsand that was transient. I belief the thing is to tell them what they are likely to experienceand other bizarre things, you’ll have to encourage themto come back and told you. So transient headaches, transient tiredness and there should be maybe muscle crampsif it’s not salt-cured out with increasing your salt uptake, then these are things they needto come back and see you about.Most of the things they noticeare going to be good things. Most patients will come backand say “mental clarity”, that they have more power, that in the evening they area bit assumed and started moving paths, so most of the side effectsyou’ll actually come across are beneficial things that the nutrition has brought to these people and that is why it spreads and it’s continuing to spread ..

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