[Preview] Can you treat traumatic brain injuries with a keto diet?

So here’s a case study. I is cooperating with a 22 -year-old maleand we worked with him in the clinic. He had recurrent concussion condition, he was an aspiring MMA fighter, really great kid, but he got hit in the heada few goes too many. And one of the big problems isthat not only did he get hit once, he got back in the gym and got hit again, he got hit pretty closeto the first head pain. I think was like seven days laterthat he got another head trauma. There’s a remarkably high likelihood of dyingon that second head trauma when it occurswithin a brief period of time. The person mostly can drop dead or they goto sleep that night and they don’t wake up. So it’s a really serious issue.And it was interesting when he didany type of hard glycolytic study, like boxing, kickboxing, striving, CrossFit type activity … He would go into basicallya syncope type state, like his eyes would move kind of randomly, he couldn’t talk, and to me from the outside looking at themit examined a good deal like a hypoglycemic occurrence, I’ve seen this in the hospital before, or somebody will make a hypoglycemic ebbing, and you give them some sortof glucose solution or some fruit and they perk right back up.And that’s what we did with himand he would perk up immediately. And even though that’s supportive in the moment, that’s not really to deal with the problem ..

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