[Preview] Treating cancer with a keto diet

It’s kind of strange in the community, you undoubtedly know peoplewho make it five years down the line because you’re still around, but it’s actually kind of shocking how manypeople you know that, you are familiar with, don’t. And it’s kind of a bit upsetting when you see how many peoplethat were just really, really good people that only aren’t here anymore. And it’s a bit scary when you see it, because it’s like, you know, someone is vibrant and then they are not and then they are gone. And the five-year mark is really important but I know people who have constituted itfive years and something happens. Of direction. And you know, so for me … I look at it like, “What can I get out of life now? “What can I do for parties in my lifeto make it better? And what the future will tell? “It’s hard to know.But what I can say is I knowit’s going to feel great to get there. That’s important ..


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