What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, Today we’re going to tread in dangerous seas, now. We’re going to talk about foods. We’re going to talk about Keto dieting becauseright now I is a lot of questions, and people want to know “What does Jeff think about Ketodieting? ” I always wonder whether it’s that they actuallycare about what I reflect, or they’re just looking, and hoping that I’ll agree with Keto dieting. But you might be surprised by the end of thevideo because I’m not going to come out here and all out rip Keto dieting because for me, at the end of the day, if something works for somebody, and it helps them to get inshape long term, though. That’s my non-negotiable. It’s got to work for you long term. Then I’m happy. The target of this whole channel was to makesure that you guys are getting information to help you get fit, to help you get healthier, to help you get stronger.So when we talk about ketogenic dieting thefirst thing I want to do is clarify what it is because some people don’t really know exactlywhat it planneds. You’ve heard a great deal about it, but you dontknow exactly what it planneds. It wants, basically, changing around yourmacronutrients pretty substantially. Quite much, differently from the path a lotof us snacked. That is: going to a very high fatty diet. About 80% of your total calories intake ina day is coming from fat, and overweight beginnings. Then really, certainly, really minimizing yourcarbohydrate intake down to almost nothing. Less than 5% of your total daily caloriescoming in from light-green, leafy vegetables. None of the more traditional rice, beans, potatoes, returns, eats, desserts, pasta; nothing of that stuff.That’s all out. Then, replenishing in the crack about 15% -2 0% of your food from protein. So what that leaves us is a diet that’s richin flesh and fish, heavy creams, seeds, petroleums, nuts, eggs; that’s what you can eat. So whenever I talk about foods the one thingI try to always do is never say “This is the only way to do it.” A quantity of people right now that are espousingthe benefits of ketogenic dieting are saying “This is the only way to be, and this is thehealthies way to be, and this is the only thing.” That’s total bullshit because people, I havenever done a date of ketogenic dieting in my part life and I can stand up here every, single period for you guys in the same condition, the same shape, and I’ve never done that.So to say that’s the’ only’ practice to do it isnot true. You guys know that. There are a lot of different ways that peoplecan lose weight, and lose person solid. So the first thing you have to consider is: what is it that you’re trying to accomplish? Are you trying to do something short term? Because if you are, if you’re trying to getsome short term weight loss not undoubtedly the fat loss ketogenic dieting could beyour savior.If you’re trying to get ready for something, some nuptial, or you’ve got to go into a game, or whatever you’re doing; it could be a saviorfor you because it’s going to allow for rapid weight loss. I say’ weight loss ‘, not fat loss, becausethere’s a difference. When you lose weight via ketogenic dietingin a very short period of time, you have to understand that what you’re doing is, you’redepleting your mas of its placed glycogen. Store glycogen is also store water. You will lose a lot of person water when yougo on a ketogenic nutrition, in a short time. So your weight loss can be substantial. A bunch of force in a short time. However, that has its downsides. When it comes to performance, your glycogenis a source of ga for your muscles and if you deplete all of your glycogen the intensitylevels of your workouts are going to suffer.Your cortisol ratios will too, likely, playoff that. If you try to attempt to workout hard-bitten whenthe tank is pretty much depleted, your cortisol stress stages will go up, extremely. That’s not a good thing for long term musclegain. So beings will talk about the inability togain a lot of muscle. I’m not just talking about preserving it either. I’m talking about, they want to gain muscle. Really what we’re talking about is’ can youeven preserve your muscle on a ketogenic diet ‘. Regrettably, there isn’t a lot of long termresearch out there. I read one article that basically said thereare 11 studies be done in order to a six month period exclusively on contestants, and their abilityto learn retain muscle , not even gain muscle retain their muscle during thatperiod of time, and only three of them established their capacity to do so, while eight did not. So that’s still not even talking about longerterm than that. So back to your goals. If you are looking for something long term, it had better be sustainable.I have a problem with macronutrient exclusiondiets. I dont care if it’s fat exclusion. I dont care if it’s carbohydrate exclusion. I dont care what your tactic is. Exclusionary diets dont truly do so welland they earn “the worddiet”‘ because they do not become long term mixtures. And I hear you. I know you’re going to write on the video”I’ve been keto dieting for five years, for the last 14 months, I’ve been doing everythingI’m supposed to do and I still no problems for me.” That’s good, and you are the exception tothe rule. As I said in the beginning of the video; that’sa good thing. Ultimately, find what’s going to work foryou. But if you can’t stick to it then I have aproblem with it. If you can’t imagine a life where I justthrew the word ‘five years’ out there if you can’t imagine a life where five yearsfrom now dont told me about about even a year from now we’re in a much longergame here on this channel.I talk about a much longer term that we’relooking for here. If you can think that five years from nowyou’re still going to be able to do that, then go for it. Go for it! Because there are some benefits. There are definitely some benefits to that. The most importantly benefit is: it finallyworked for you. I will add another caveat now, more. People will sometimes say “I’ve never feltbetter than when I was on a keto diet. So, Jeff, what you’re talking about in termsof’ rejecting vigor tiers ‘, and’ not enough intensity in my workouts ‘; not true at all. I’ve got more.” Guys, think about where you’re usually comingfrom if you’ve entered the phase where you already know that you need a diet. You’re probably dramatically overweight. You already have low-pitched vitality because of yourweight publications. You need a answer. Anything you would have done at that point not certainly keto but anything you would have done to eat healthier wouldhave allowed you to start feeling better, to have more energy.So you can’t inevitably equate the two. Any type of diet, at that point, that helpsyou to lose weight, you probably would have attached yourself to as “Hey, gentleman! I feel so much better because I’m doing this.” But again, that doesn’t detract from keto. It doesn’t. It’s just that you’ve got to make sure you’rekeeping your eyes open that it could have been from the overall weight loss. At the end of the working day, guys, I’m someone thatespouses chewing all the nutrients. I think you should snack carbohydrates, I thinkyou should eat protein, I think you should eat fats, I dont think you should excludeany of them. I think this opens up a lot more possibilitiesto the meat that you can eat. I think you should still make sure that you’regetting enough fiber, because in a ketogenic diet you’re not getting enough fiber in yourdiet, and that could lead to other issues. But it becomes, more importantly, more sustained. The less that we, as humen, are restricted, the more free we feel; the better we tend to do with things.Here, when it comes to our nutrition, I thinkyou need to start get a better education in the long run about how to eat healthier. Yes, you can have all the macronutrients, but elect the right ones. Choose the liberty different versions of those. Make sure you’re eating healthier menu optionsand thats going to help you sustain low-toned body solid heights without having to cut outanything. But if you can do it, and it’s working foryou guys; I truly, certainly believe you should keep doing it. Keep doing it. There are other health benefits from it. Specially in neurological diseases. They’re acquire, in some studies, that reallyunlocks some potential there too, and that’s a great thing. All privilege, guys. Again, if you’re looking for our nutritionplan I literally bring out the one that I follow, the one that I believe is sustainable I framed it out step by step in our ATHLEANX training program. That’s over at, in our ATHLEANXtraining systems.In the meantime, if you have other questions, if you want me to cover other things make sure you leave your commentaries below. And ever subscribe to the videos, people. If you miss one you’re going to hate yourself. So you’re going to want to make sure you turnon your notices and likewise watch our recent video. We’re always trying to bring you the bestcontent we can here, and cover the things you want to see. All title, guys. See you soon ..

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