The Okinawa Diet

Okinawa Diet: A Hundred Years of Life Translated by: Ghada Khalil The Food Guide recommends that we try to choose banquets, whether full or light, Rich in nutrients, and low-spirited in calories To abbreviate the chances of developing chronic diseases. And if we follow this recommendation, it will be the best and most beneficial meat on the planet They are veggies because they are the richest in nutrients as well as the lowest in calories. So what would happen if the food of an entire people centered around veggies? They may become one of the most durable people around the world. It is certain that when we hear about the existence of long-lived folks, We must make sure that this is correct.

Because generally it has been difficult to find birth certificates since 1890. But verification studies have shown that they do indeed live long. The traditional diet is centered on the island of Okinawa About veggies, legumes and other types of plant foods. And I used to think that was a diet It consists of a basi of veggies, pulsations and cereals, as in the picture, Mainly with the addition of fish and other meats. But this is the most accurate description of it, After knowing their actual nutrient consumption.

And we know what they’re eating from the US National Archives, Because the US Army was settling Okinawa Until it was returned to Japan in 1972. After a look at the ordinary food of more than 2,000 Okinawan people, It turned out to be based on the following, The proportion of fish in their food was only 1 %, and less than 1% was the percentage of meat, The same is true for eggs and dairy. Which means that their diet was based on more than 96% plant food. And whole plant foods with more than 90% and very little processed foods. And is not simply that, but most of their food was vegetables, And one type of it in particular is sweet potato....

The food of the Okinawan beings was centered around orange and purple sweet potatoes. How savory! They could have chosen bitter gourd or soursop, for example. But no, they ingest sweetened potatoes. And because their food contains more than 90% of whole plant foods, This give it a food rich in anti-inflammatories.

And rich in antioxidants. And when measuring the level of oxidized solids in their body, There was overwhelming evidence of less detriment from free radicals. Could they have, for example, their gene fund of better antioxidant enzymes? No, the activities of the antioxidant enzymes are generally the same as those of others. They only get the extra antioxidants from their diet, which makes all the difference.

Vegetables are most of what they chew! Therefore, their mortality rate from coronary thrombosis is 8 to 12 times less than in America, As shown in the diagram. And deaths from colon cancer were two to three times lower. Deaths due to prostate cancer are seven times less. In addition, the risk of dying from breast cancer is about five and a half times less.

The reason for their high-pitched exemption was possible that they expend exclusively 1800 calories per day. But they are actually eating large amounts of food. The difference is that whole, plant-based foods are naturally low-spirited in calories. Also, paucity of orgy ingesting and overeating is one of their usages on that island. And their food may be more vegetarian than low-grade in calories.

The only people living longer than the Japanese are in Okinawa Not only is it based on a 98% meat-free diet, it is 100% meat-free. Seventh-day botanical group found in California It has the largest long-lived population of nearly any population mentioned by official statistics. Seventh-day vegetarian men and women live to approximately 83 and 86 years. That is, the ages of Okinawan dames, but Adventist humanities live longer than Okinawan humankinds. The best of everyone is the Seventh-day Adventists Maintaining healthful practices such as practising and not smoking.

Their average ages were nearly 87 and 90. That’s 10 to 14 times longer than the rest of the population in general. An additional 10 to 14 years of live due to simple lifestyle hand-pickeds. And this is what is happening now, in the present time, As the longevity of Okinawans became a thing of the past, Okinawa now has more than 12 KFC fields. And their fat percentage increased threefold....

And after their meat was free of cholesterol, they began to consume it from McDonald’s sandwiches, And they increased their sodium material 3 times. And now they suffer from potassium insufficiency just like the Americans, And they get less than half the daily recommended amount of potassium. That’s 4,700 mg per date. In merely two generations, the people of Okinawa switched from being the least weighty Japanese To the heaviest of them. As a develop, public health experts’ interest has increased.

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