Why I Went Back On The Keto Diet – A Beginners Guide – Expert Advice

[ Music][ Music] welcome your best friend to the bob and brad podcast produced by bob and brad the two most famous physical therapists on the internet i am precisely one half of the bob brad team uh and i’m bob and i am attached today by jordan who is a nutrition coach and a fitness teach and i’m joined by my on my right here by mike he’s actually one of the purposes of the bob and brad crew and he’s got his they got their own channel which they do review of bob and brad products and other produces yeah fitness makes so uh today we’re gonna uh the entitle of our program today is why i went back on the keto diet which is mike why he went back on it and it’s a we were hoping to you know give you some advice on for a beginner’s guide and then we have some extra suggestion here too because jordan your joints are shaking the camera oh sorry jordan has worked uh with people who have been on the keto diets and and with her gigantic lore so jordan why don’t we start with you exactly give your background a little bit sure yeah utterly so um to commence kind of my whole um i guess working career in the fitness industry um soon decided i wanted to get a little bit more honed in on nutrition because i found that to be well that’s where my obsessions lie so um anyways i went on to get my master’s in um human nutrition um i’m i’d like to clarify right from the get-go i decided to go the non-dietetics route so i am not a registered dietitian so the difference between me and a dietician is i um like i’m not clinical i can’t work in a clinical decided um i can’t do diagnostic occupation anything like that but um i did go through a master’s program and i’ve um made in the fitness and nutrition province for about 10 years now um and i predict simply modulating into so that’s kind of my educational professional background but pertaining into the keto diet i’ll i’ll just say right from the get-go i have actually never goes on the keto diet i uh i tend to follow a very low carbohydrate diet just due to the whole nutrients nature that i follow so i’m not pumping my organization with lots of carbs but i’ve never proceed in full-blown ketosis before um and uh but i have worked with a lot of clientele um over the years that have gone on the keto diet have had a lot of success with it so um i not have personal mind experience but at least the background with working with a lot of different populations that’s awesome that’s awesome so mike why don’t you give your i symbolize mike’s a physical therapist assistant yeah so i have no uh training from school on diet or nutrition i’ve just been bizarre about it through my 20 s and i’m in my 30 s and i’ve just read a lot tried lots of different diet comings you know i was just like a terribly overweight child until high school and then i’ve always been predict more about nutrition eventually determined keto diet like six years ago and thought it was absolutely weird and “i m starting to” it mostly based off interest so awesome and i have never been on the keto diet but “i know i m” like jordan in that um i went to a diet not a diet per se i just started munching action less carbs and certainly acces less managed uh carbohydrate nutrients and uh i i represent without trying i lost 20 pounds yeah and it was mostly around the middle i convey it was really quite amazing to be honest with you buddy so why don’t we start off with it one of you would like to speak about what the keto diet is do you want to go you want me to do it sure i can i planned give a terribly i i’m into like simple things but it’s a highly very low to no carbohydrate food and i shouldn’t i don’t like to i don’t know about you mike but i don’t like to find it as no carbohydrates but fantastically improbably increased carbohydrate foods um high-pitched fats what it is i mean there are like a few niche categories of like zero carb but that’s a entire different animal because it’s a standard isn’t it five percentage carbs five to ten and the amount of carbs are going to vary upon the individual so person that is more like obese diabetic more insulin feelings is gonna have way little carbs so through a lot of like the research studies they’ll put them on a total of like 20 grams per day where me who is younger and active like i know i can eat 50 grams per day of carbs total and i still think ketosis is just fine yeah i think metabolism metabolism excuse me has a ton to do with it’s not like hard concrete counts yeah yeah commonly ranges so like the series would be uh you know anywhere from 80 solid down to 65 fat often they say 75 solid um 20 protein and 5 carbs is like the standard recommendation but they can all vary slightly yeah so there’s like a edition with athletes where they tend to increase their carbs around workouts isn’t it yeah there’s different approaches to it so there’s um cyclical keto which is more like a bodybuilding niche sort thing where they’ll have carbs you are familiar with formerly a few weeks or once every other week to get some muscle glycogen so they can train harder there’s also an coming called targeted keto where they’ll only consume like 30 grams of carbs right before their workout so basically they grasp the carbs utilize it for intensity and after the workout within an hour they’re like right back in ketosis and then there’s you know a standard keto diet is just you’re always in ketosis and you should say this you know the studies “thats been” done on the keto diet were mostly done on service standards one yeah and also i think maybe a little bit on the high-pitched protein one but yeah the other ones have not been studied so you know we you know we can’t really yeah medical editions is the standard is the recommended one that’s being studied a lot so what are ketones and what is ketosis uh so ketosis is basically a thing your organization goes into metabolic nation yeah it’s a metabolic nation your person goes into when you do not have glucose and carbs as your main energy source so you can get in this way you know if you’re just fasting in general or like say you’re stuck on an island and you have no food and all you have is water you’re going to get in ketosis what ketosis does is it raises ketone figures in your body uh your mas induces ketone figures um which are a chemical yeah it’s normally from your liver they’ll start procreating them they will start breaking down your placed solid for intensity that’s what it is instead of carbs so yeah they start using fat for gasoline yep so nutritional ketosis you can get in ketosis eating food still you don’t have to starve yourself but you mostly to do this you have to keep your carbs low-pitched now we should say right here too this is not keto acidosis that’s something that uh diabetics yeah correct jordan correct yes and that’s dangerous yeah and ketosis is not hazardous no so so all right what um what are some of the potential benefits of the keto diet let’s jordan you just wanted to referred some sure yeah so big-hearted thing in areas of like the population that i worked with i would say like in when i did nutrition coaching um full-time um i was working more with general population which um let’s just be blunted and honest the general population isn’t overly healthy in the united states so i was working with a lot of weight loss consumers so um large-hearted thing with uh that teaches parties towards uh the keto diet is weight loss um why because it use it wreaks um just as mike asked when your torso is burning fat for fuel so we have excess obesities there we go um so weight loss is the big thing um i like to talk a lot about it in terms of brain power so when your figure is not reliant on carbohydrates it’s just burning ketones is just a cleaner burning process in the body um i guess that’s the best way i have to describe it and your mentality really likes that your brain loves ketones and being fueled off that so um really good advantages exactly in terms of i’ll just say brain health in general there’s a thought period called neural plasticity but i don’t know how much we want to get into that but only our and likewise time our abilities ability to heal and start new associates and all that so i always think what i think keto diet i think like brain health and weight loss and um i don’t know those are kind of the ones off the priorities in my pate yeah until i did a little research on this i didn’t realize that that was a one of the benefits is that yeah wise energy for your brain yeah better than uh the other ones it gets through the mentality barrier there and uh yeah so like personally for me like what i would notice from a ketogenic diet is when i ate more carbs even if it was like you know 200 grams a day or something i would have constant energy sways up and down like at a real good energy a marry hours um i’d feel satiated and fine for a duo two 3 hour and then i’d start to get hungry and like when i was eating this mode i was still having you know a good quantity of protein it’s not like i was ingesting you know i i’d say when i was calculating it was like 35 percent of my calories is coming from carbs i’d still get these insulin sways and it would be harder for me to focus on things um i would almost have like they’re looking at uh therapists or even starting to look at ketogenic nutrition in a way feigns your psyche because people with add um you are familiar with have claims like i can focus better now they’re likewise looking at it with like hard drug addicts and rerouting their mentality in accordance with the rules they mull their therapist doing that now is another good benefit also you know there’s been a lot of studies on mind state with it they’ve actually like had external centre models simulates moving off ketones and actually they say the heart prefers to run off ketones um and your form actually makes ketones even if you’re not in a ketogenic mood it’s just it’s a quite low-spirited quantity sure and i’d get back to that brain thing uh they they think it may slow the progression of alzheimer’s disease yeah i want some of these neurologists like dr perlmutter i know um he’s they’re scream it sort 3 diabetic or diabetes because your mentality mostly can’t uh apply glucose for energy anymore interesting it’s a dr perlmutter that wrote brain make is am i he’s ready i know grain brain specific on more like ketogenic form nutrition and like alzheimer’s i think it’s called psyche creator but anyways yeah he’s written a lot that well likewise reviewed where it maybe would help with uh agonizing brain gashes uh incredible sequels yeah so it’s it’s like you said it’s a brain thing more than i realise this is one of the few foods that you know is categorized under furor now because it became favourite mostly through sell of nutrient industries you know that’s how i became overweight but it’s one of the diets that are actually being experimented a assortment within like the last 20 years like there’s been so many different universities and research groups that are looking at different aspects of this eating and like the benefits it can have well that’s we would be uh remiss here if we didn’t talk a little about the possible downsides precautions side effects so um first since you were on it mike uh why don’t you talk about is it intelligence gloom yeah um so adapting to the ketogenic food is not uh always the easiest thing for some people you go through mostly carb withdrawals um basically is what it is so you can have you know a couple epoches in for me i feel fine hitherto when i start you know running out obesities and ketones um i still have muscle glycogen i am burning through so your body has 2 000 calories worth of muscle glycogen you have to burn through before you start creating ketones uh so what typically happens is once you kind of burn through these muscle glycogen stores you actually start excreting a lot of liquid through urine and along with this muscle glycogen in liquid accumulations you’re losing a bunch of electrolytes so if you’re not replenishing them and being is cognizant of it you’re going to get really low levels of sodium potassium which typically leads to a lot of these keto influenza symptoms surely so that can be um things like headache uh perturb center precisely very tired um it can lead heart palpitations you know there’s a large amount of side effects and parties here you know i thought i was supposed to feel good on this food and they’re three days into it and they’re feeling pathetic and it’s this adaptation chapter you kind of have to get through and once you’re through it you know it feels good but yeah that’s kind of the biggest side effect early on yeah jordan what have your experience been with the the uh purchasers you’ve worked um yeah so one thing that i always like to mention when i hear keto diet is um people can do the keto diet but have such a poverty-stricken good food still so i always implement this instance right could you could you go in ketosis eating um hot dog and cheese skill singles like treated terrible cheese yeah i was just doing that 100 you perfectly your form could could you wait yeah you could but are you healthful are you meeting your nutrient needs no um so that’s from a nutritional standpoint that’s where my biggest hang up is with people is educating like you can still eat veggies like i i don’t know what it is in the fetal parish where it became where all of a sudden all veggies are off limits and all we’re eating is dairy high overweight dairy commodities and um i don’t know where that came from so my my biggest i predicts where i get kind of like riled up about it is when people do it incorrectly and time eat a assortment of for lack of a better term exactly poop menu um and use it as an excuse to eat all that stuff so or like the marketed like keto produces out there that are like oh keto chips like what are those you know actually healthful if we do it in a whole meat direction but um there’s a lot of like miscommunication in this education and like that line-up of things um and then i i just kind of like to touch on too like why i haven’t done it because that might be a question like okay i know about it i know all these benefits well why in the nutrition world-wide why the heck haven’t i done it um my personal like viewpoint too and i think this speaks more to like females because we just we judge more guys um but anything yeah that’s right that’s right um anything that you can simply become like obsessive over that becomes me like a little nervous with like the female clientele i think it’s great but like myself i already i sit and i live and breathe fitness and nutrition so i try to have a little healthful poise with nutrient and not counting things that’s my my own personal i don’t like to count things either be honest if you’re a person who has a diet history like the up down up down and you get all in at one time and you’re you have a hard time with counting things if it you’re just coming destroyed i think that that can be bad for the mental health side of things so i don’t like to go without mentioning that although i i’m all for the keto diet i just think anything where we become obsessive and that’s all we can think about that’s not healthful either so regardless that’s my tirade basically to oversee the macros right mike and you wanna tell what macros are yeah so your macros are your flabs proteins carbohydrates um in the keto diet you don’t certainly have to monitor super exclusively like if you don’t like to but you only kind of want to be aware of your total overall carb uptake virtually and you know depending upon how good or bad you feel is going to vary depending upon you know perhap you’re not have enough paunches maybe you’re missing out on some of these vitamins and minerals um you know i noticed like when i started keto you know what you were describing earlier they expression dirty keto is its terminology yeah that’s like the really processed food stuff and you know for some of these you know someone like from my background like before this i was eating you know you know chicken rice oatmeal eggs like i wasn’t munching american diet but i was still running out of carbs so you know i kind of knew you know i’m going to feel better eating more whole meat substance and having like maybe a keto treat occasionally but not making it a staple in my food right and so you know these people that are going from standard american to keto it’s like they’re mostly you are familiar with still gobbling their nutrients but they’re just removing the carb generators from it right and if you know actually undesirable yeah what it does is like some people you know it benefits them to start it and then formerly they get into the adaptation you know then is the time to let’s start get some better food supplies in there and still be in ketosis you know right like that’s what i like that i for sure that was jordan’s challenge yeah because i know you know dr eric westman is he’s a big fan he’s the accompanied prof of nutrition at duke and he’s been running like a ketogenic clinic for like 13 years okay snacking keto for 20 years but he you know duke is in an area of the south that beings have low income and they don’t know a lot of learning so he’s like you know the best thing i noted for them is i give them a sheet of paper of all the keto friendly foods and i tell them pick what they want to start and he says get it on 30 days pick whatever it is you want what you like i’m not going to tell you what to do and then formerly they get adapted yeah he’ll start to eat better things but he’s he’s so fascinating because he goes you know i have these beings that are eating these you know dirty keto meat and he’s like you know i look at their blood work and it’s so weird because i can’t tell they’re eating it like just having the lack of the insulin and the processed food and sugar you know they’re still getting better sure but you know he says you know if you can clean it up you know eat cleaner but that’s one of the concerns more is that the long-term effects of eating some of the bad grime kill yeah would not be apparent right away yeah i imply unless you’re perpetually coming observed you know right you know your blood work your and your cancer peril i want yeah it’s that’s hard to know unless you’ve had long-term studies so i i’m afraid we’re going to have to probably cut off today we’re going to have to continue this on another daytime without a doubt because there’s a lot more we can discuss yeah and uh we’ll do that so you know monitor our uh canal and our podcast and look for the future information on on keto again so thanks jordan thanks mike we’ll told you again you


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